5 Cash In Content Strategies

When you become an Aroma Retail affiliate, your blog goes to work for you. But how do you convert your readers to buyers? Believe it or not, you don’t have to have a degree in marketing or be an outstanding writer to attract customers who are ready to buy. We’ve put together 5 content marketing strategies to help you, our affiliate partner, create more successful sales with your blog.

1. Know Your Audience - Desires, Problems, Needs

Successful affiliate marketing is all about connection, but how can you connect with your audience without knowing who they are? Think about your average reader. Are they homemakers, successful single working professionals, 20 somethings?

Once you figure out who reads you, you can aim your blog topics to this community. What do they want, want to avoid, and need? Answer these questions, and you have a wealth of profitable knowledge at your fingertips!

Think about it. You’ve found a need, and now you can deliver the solution. By creating relevant, useful content, you build trust with your online community. You are becoming an influencer!

2. Stick To Your Niche

Both stay-at-home moms and busy executives have plenty of daily challenges, how do you know which ones to tackle? You stick to your niche, your specific realm of influence. That’s what you know best, after all. There’s no need to go out of your comfort zone to be a successful affiliate. You still get to “do you.”

Are you a fabulous fashionista? Include what you're diffusing during your next “a day in the life” post. Interior design aficionados can include Aroma Retail reed diffusers in your next ‘“fall overhaul” tutorial. Crafters can highlight amazing candles in your “DIY hostess gift basket” post. You get the point.

3. Natural Link Placement

Now that you have some ideas about what to write, how can you get people to click your Aroma Retail affiliate link? Make it natural. Include it in the list of products you’ve mentioned in your post. Link keywords people will be looking for to solve their problem.

For example, “a home diffuser for large rooms” or “my favorite candles for fall” are perfect candidates for link-worthy text that fit right in. They don’t take away from the information or solution you are presenting.

4. Make It Shareable

When you create great content that people want to share and carefully place affiliate links throughout it, you are creating pure profit potential! Think about the last blog post you actually read through, saved, and sent off to a friend. What did you love about it? How did it help you? Put your twist on those ideas and set them free - with luck, your readers will shop and share.

Make it easy to share by including social sharing buttons on your posts. There are many blogging topics that are super shareable and easy to match to any niche. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Share A Funny Story / A-Ha Moment That Mentions Your Aroma Retail Favs
Talk About Your Goals & How Aroma Retail Products Support Your Efforts
Do An Aroma Retail Product Review
Create Tutorials That Include Aroma Retail Products
Make Attention-Getting Lists Including Your Favorite Resort Fragrances

5. Add A Clear Call To Action

We talked about including your affiliate link naturally within your content. You’ll also want a clear “click here” type of call to action somewhere within your blog post. Feel free to get creative, but it really can be as simple as that.

Happy Blogging!

At Aroma Retail, we love our amazing team of affiliate partners. We hope these 5 blogging tips help you and your readers and look forward to continuing to support your sales efforts.

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