More Profitable Email Marketing For Affiliates

You’ve got the blog. You’re killing it on social, but what about email marketing? At Aroma Retail, we want to help you make the most of your email list for affiliate sales. Don’t let this revenue resource go untapped. Build, grow, and engage your online customer-base this way and you can only benefit.

Build Your Email List

Unlike many other social platforms, email makes outreach easy and repeatable without any unexpected changes. You’ve probably seen those Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and YouTube videos from your favorite influencers, complaining about the new update that’s keeping their content from reaching more viewers.

The solution? Diversify. Make sure your affiliate outreach strategy includes email marketing. There are many free email marketing tools with beautiful built-in templates. Create your list, drag and drop your content, and then schedule your send. Easy peasy.

Let Them Know To Signup

In order to build your email list, you need to let your current blog or social media audience know you have a list to subscribe to. Once somebody signs up, you now have access to the same interested customer over and over, with little to no effort on their part. So, it’s worth the time to gather and get set up.

Add An Email Signup Popup To Your Site
Keep Signup Handy In Your Side Bar Or Header
Mention Signup In Your Blog & Social Posts
Include An In-Text Link To Your Signup Page

Getting People To Signup

Now that people know your list is there, are there ways to get more people to signup faster? Sure. Besides asking people to signup in social or during the call to action section of your blog post, you can try a few other popular incentives. These are a win-win for you and your reader/customer.

Consider creating email-only content. Subscriber exclusives sound special and feel special. People don’t feel like they're sharing their contact information with you for nothing. You’re offering a give and take. Some examples, depending on your niche, might include: a 7-day meal plan, a DIY tutorial, an ebook, an infographic, a more in-depth blog post with tips/tricks.

If blogs and social feel like enough already, and additional content creation doesn’t seem appealing, run a contest or giveaway with bonus entries for referrals! This is a fun way to collect contact information for potential future customers. If you’re worried people will enter just to get another “freebie,” make sure your prize is super niche-centric.

Keeping In Touch

Whether you have 20 followers or 20,000, emails won’t turn into sales unless your recipients look forward to and actually open your messages. The best way to do this is to remember the golden rule of affiliate-customer engagement, value. Not every email you send out should be a sales pitch.

Switch things up. Send out email messages that solve a problem, teach something new, or tell a funny story. You can still include your affiliate link, just don’t make these interest pieces one whole advertisement. Then, feel free to make your next send out a product announcement or advertisement.

Alternating affiliate advertising with friendly check-ins helps to keep your email messages out of the spam box. Engaging content is also more likely to be shared, opening up more sales opportunities. So, don’t forget to include share buttons to popular social media platforms in your email. Just because your recipient doesn’t buy this time, doesn’t mean their friend won’t!

Reach Out & Touch Someone. Through Email

Now that you have some simple tips and tricks to enhance your Aroma Retail affiliate strategy get out there and fill those inboxes. We appreciate you as an affiliate and want you to have all the tools you need to succeed. We hope these ideas have helped you to feel more confident about including email in your sales plans.

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