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Turn your followers’ downtime into deal-time, with these great social marketing tips for Aroma Retail affiliates. Many of us, regardless of age, stage of life, or economic status, are spending more time on social. This creates awesome opportunities for the savvy sharer. Let’s show you how.

New Potential By The Numbers

According to a 2018 report by Global Web Index, Americans spend over two hours a day on social media. If you take advantage of it, that’s a big window of opportunity to engage and connect with your audience.

Where Is Everyone Spending Their Time Online?

People are spending most of their social media time on Facebook and YouTube. There are still plenty of opportunities for getting your affiliate links out there if these aren't your social platforms of choice. Here is a handy breakdown of the percentage of people who have accounts for each of the most popular platforms.

Facebook - 85%
YouTube - 79%
Instagram - 63%
Twitter - 56%
Pinterest - 34%

What Are They Looking For?

Social media users are after a variety of things as they scroll through their favorite feeds. Knowing what your audience is looking for will help you create better, targeted content to meet their needs.

Checking Up On Friends & Family - 40%
Staying Up-To-Date With Current Events - 40%
Filling Up Spare Time - 37%
Sharing Photo & Videos With Others - 37%
Looking For Entertainment - 36%
Researching & Finding Products To Buy - 29%

Converting Scrolls To Sales

Now that you have a better idea about why people are online and what they are searching for, it’s time to engage. Great news! If someone is following you on social media, you have already built some trust with that person. To keep that trust and convert it to sales, we have a few overall social media affiliate marketing tips.

Create Great Content - Choose Value Over Spam
Stick With Your Niche
Show Don’t Tell - Take Great Photos / Video
Stay Active Online
Connection Is Key - Be Responsive To Comments & Feedback
Know Where & How To Place Your Link
Share Across Platforms
Include Social Sharing Links On Your Blog Posts
Encourage Follows - Add Links Your Social Profiles To Your Blog

In addition to these tips, you’ll want to make sure any images you share are optimized for the platform you’re focusing on. This ensures that your post appears the way you want it to. Sprout Social keeps an up-to-date image size list for all social media platforms.

Affiliate Tips For Facebook

As you may have noticed, a huge portion of the people online are using Facebook as their social media go-to. Take advantage of these sheer numbers by both sharing great content and interacting with your niche community. Link to your blog posts, announce new products, and provide solutions your groups will be interested in along with your affiliate link.

Affiliate Tips For YouTube

Nobody likes to sit through commercials or poor-quality videos. With all the content creation going on, they don’t have to. The best way to get and keep viewers is to take time to create good quality videos while providing useful or interesting information. Don’t forget the engaging, easy-to-search for titles.

Value to your audience should always come before sales, but the sales pitch should be in there for your YouTube videos to benefit you. Don’t forget to link to Aroma Retail in your video description (your affiliate link) when talking about products you’ve mentioned in your video.

Affiliate Tips For Instagram

Yes, you can add affiliate links to Instagram, but it can be tricky until you reach 10,000 followers and have a business account. If you’re not quite there yet, make sure you include your link in your bio and mention this location whenever you post about an Aroma Retail product. Once you reach 10,000 followers, you can also add your affiliate link as a swipe-up link in your Instagram stories.

This social media outlet is highly-photo focused. So make sure your snapshots are high-quality and eye-catching. You can go to town in the description section and attract views easily through clear hashtags usage. If you’re talking about fall candles, you might include a #fallcandles hashtag.

Need hashtag ideas? Make use of the search box in Instagram to see how many followers different versions of your hashtag have. For example, a little research shows #fallcandles as more popular than #fallcandle, and #pumpkincandle is more popular than #pumpkincandles. Both are more popular than #cinnamoncandle, and #fallscents tops them all.

Affiliate Tips For Pinterest

Pinterest users are usually trying to find ideas about fashion, home decor, hobbies, recipes, fitness, or travel. When it’s time to plan a party or a home makeover, Pinterest is the place to go. So keep that in mind when creating content to share here.

Again, this is another photo-centric social media platform. You get attention with the right picture. Make sure to use good-quality, engaging images. Include descriptions that are search-friendly. Adding your affiliate link is the easy part here.

Affiliate Tips For Twitter

More than any other social media platform mentioned so far, Twitter is a place to share news to a wide audience quickly. Your post will be in someone’s feed and gone in a matter of seconds. Spamming feeds with pleas to buy your favorite candle 10 times a day will not help you.

Eye-catching images and repeated, trust-worthy blurbs are important. You want to sound like someone who cares and genuinely wants to help their niche community.

Sharing Is Caring!

Thank you for being an Aroma Retail affiliate. We hope these affiliate-friendly social media insights will help you grow your online presence in the most profitable ways possible. Happy sharing!

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