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Subject: Announcing: Our Home Scenting Secret - Revealed!

Psst. Hey There Future Fragrance-nista,

We’ve finally figured it out! The quickest way to take your house from drab to fab isn’t a pristine gallery wall or a few accent pillows on the couch, it’s home fragrancing done right. We’ve got the who, what, where on our new, not-so-secret-anymore home scenting solution, Aroma Retail, and the down-low on how you can put this pro-quality pick to work for you.

3 Reasons We’re Stocking UP

We’ve all been disappointed by grocery store home fragrance selections. They’re really nothing special, seem to have a scenting range in the inches, and run out way before we remember to replace them. What comes to mind when you think about rushing to your local mass-produced specialty store with a coupon? Lines, packaging that’s way more exciting than the fragrance inside, and the realization that your best gal, her mom, and your grandma all have that same candle.

We’re ready for something high-quality with beautiful, neutrally designed packaging that’s as unique as we are, aren’t you? Our top pick for perfect home fragrances time and time again is Aroma Retail. Here are just three of the many reasons we’re stocking up:

They don’t look or smell like they belong in a tweenagers bedroom.
Scents from that vacay are now a part of our staycay.
Whole-home diffusion power.

Who: Standout Fragrances - Designed To Fit In

From magazine-shoot formal dining rooms to college dorms and work cubicles, Aroma Retail products fit in anywhere without standing out. With elegant, neutral packaging, accents like chrome, glass, and cork, and minimal labeling, you’ll notice the scent way before you notice their candles, reed diffusers, or room sprays.

What: Scents Your Home Has Been Daydreaming About

Fragrances from Aroma Retail are luxury-resort quality, and that’s no coincidence. Many of the over 60 unique scents you have to choose from are straight out of some of the world’s most desired vacation destinations. If Cozy is more your thing, order candles, sprays, and diffuser oils in scents like Book Store, Coffee Shop, or Pastry Shop.

Interested in a jump start on fall? They also have you covered for the holidays with grown-up versions of the scents we love starring pumpkin, pine, and peppermint.

Where: Solutions For Every Room & All The Rooms

What could be better than amazing, high-quality fragrances in classy, easy-to-gift packaging? Scents that reach every square inch you need them to. Aroma Retail knows you want candles and diffusers that actually work for you. So, they’ve created a range of scenting solutions to meet your unique needs.

Instant Gratification - Fine Mist Room Sprays
Great For The Bedroom & Bathroom - Reed Diffusers
Anywhere You Want A Little Atmosphere - Soy Wax Candles
Large Spaces (Up To 2,000 square feet) – Scent Machine - Home Unit 101 Even Larger Spaces (Up To 15,000 square feet) – Scent Machine - Professional
Order Your Ambiance Upgrade, Now!

Order Your Ambiance Upgrade, Now!

Now that the secret’s out, we can’t wait to hear about your great experience with Aroma Retail. Use our exclusive link to browse their unique fragrance range and diffusion solutions and place your order today. Once you’re basking in your new signature scent, we hope you’ll share some of your must-haves and go-to's with us.


Your Fellow Diffusion Diva


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